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   public commissions
in bronze and aluminium

   Joan Relke

International River Foundation



50cm high
cast aluminium

Design required a cast aluminium representation of an Aboriginal water carrier (coolamon). Here it is resting on a river boulder, with rivers of rejeuvenated water flowing through it.

The International River Foundation awards two prizes each year to organisations responsible for river restoration and protection. Along with a substantial monetary award, each recipient receives a trophy.

Spirit of the Southern Cross


Cast Aluminium

Figure - 3 metres
Total - 5.5 metres

View the website for the Constellations of the South Project, Uralla, NSW, Australia

Flinders, side view


Flinders and Joan

Matthew Flinders

1.7m   bronze

Rumbalara Reserve, Gosford, N.S.W. Australia


Commissioned by Sara Lee Kitchens (Australia) Pty Ltd and Gosford City Council for the State Bicentennial Celebrations 1987.


Flinders, portrait

Matthew Flinders is one of four greater than life-size bronze figurative sculptures commissioned in the series "Salute to Famous Australians", which includes Captain Charles Sturt, Edward Eyre, and Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.

Photos of the other figures can be seen on Carl Merten's website .

All four sculptures are located in Rumbalara Reserve along walking tracks or near picnic areas. Flinders and Smithy stand in the main picnic area and hence are accessible to the elderly and disabled. We designed the sculptures to be approachable, rather than beside the "gods" on high plinths. Children and adults are free to climb and sit on or beside the seated figures of Sturt and Eyre.


enclosing form # 2

granite faced base
1.5 m high

Commissioned by Cardy & Co., developers of the Ernst Young Building, 321 Kent St., Sydney, Australia, 1990.

The clients chose the sculpture from an earlier maquette designed in l982. This maquette, in polished bronze and 8 cm high can be seen on the page for abstract bronzes .
  enclosing form, 3/4 view

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