goddesses immortalised in bronze and stone

Joan  Relke

From here you can view and read about a number of goddesses I have created and cast in bronze and carved in stone.   These goddesses result from an exploration of figurative form, abstract expression, and mythological themes.  

I first got the idea from a story written by a good friend of mine, Jean Hillabold.   In her story, "Goddesses", her heroine is a sculptor who creates life-size goddesses from a multitude of materials, including plexiglass, steel, cast metal, wood, and sheet copper. While I cannot claim to the skills of Jean's heroine, I do love the look and feel of bronze.   As a semi-precious metal it expresses the immortality and sacredness of the goddesses who embody my works.

You can find Jean's story in her book, Secrets of the Invisible World,  under her pen name, Jean Roberta.

The creation of a "goddess" begins with a lump of clay.   I usually do not know what goddess I'm going to create, although sometimes a line from an ancient religious text or a particular myth will inspire me.   The following pages include photographs of these goddesses, and those that have been inspired by real mythological goddesses include small essays on the goddess' origins and myths.


Greek goddess of the earth.


Sumerian goddess of death.   Rival to Inanna, goddess of life.


The goddess of life and the sea of the North American Inuit people.


    The Hebrew and Sumerian goddess of life, with a rather ambiguous
press in the Old Testament.  


Prophetess of Gaia
Oracle of Delphi



Possibly the most famous of them all. The Sumerian goddess of life, fecundity, and royal power, and her alter-ego, Ninhursaga, Mother Goddess.


Greek goddess of the dawn




Photos and text about a number of mythologically-inspired female
images which include:

First Word
An imaginary goddess of fertility, who is both human and bird,
and whispers the secret of life to her egg.

Speaking Silence
A portrait of a goddess in meditation.

Goddess of Fertility #1
The first in the entire goddess series.



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